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About Triple Hollow


Welcome to Triple Hollow Hunting Preserve,

Where dreams come alive! I'm Michael Elrod, your spirited host and the driving force behind this unforgettable adventure. Farming has been my lifelong passion, leading me to cultivate a stunning haven right here in Alabama. Our thriving preserve boasts magnificent wildlife, pine thickets, trails and more; each step a labor of love. What inspired me to share this haven with you? It's simple—watching others make memories and experiencing the joy of hunting firsthand. Triple Hollow is a testament to our unwavering dedication, where every detail, from the fencing to the lake, radiates rustic beauty. Join us on this journey, where friendships blossom and happiness reigns supreme. Let's create a legacy together.

More About Our Story

For over a decade, our passion for farming has been evident in our diverse agricultural pursuits. Beginning with cattle and Boer goats, expanding to include horses, and managing four commercial poultry houses, our commitment to farming is unwavering. A few years ago, our enthusiasm for deer farming inspired the establishment of our very own hunting preserve, enclosed with a robust high fence to ensure quality and safety. We are advocates for natural practices. Our deer thrive without the use of bottle feeding or artificial insemination, and we minimize human interaction to preserve their wild essence. While they are nurtured with feed within the preserve to boost their growth and potential, we only interact with them when it's essential, like during relocation for hunting activities. Since our inception, we have entrusted Tucker Milling with our feed requirements. Their exceptional products, paired with their comprehensive information resources, play an integral role in ensuring the optimal health of our deer. Explore our journey and discover the dedication behind every endeavor.

What Sets Us Apart

What truly differentiates us from the rest? We're genuine, hands-on farmers. From raising our deer to crafting the preserve and setting up the fences, we’ve done it all ourselves. This isn't just a business for us – it's a passion, a belief, and a labor of love that we're eager to share. Another major advantage? While maintaining premium quality in our bucks, we've managed to keep our prices significantly lower. Choosing Triple Hollow means you can enjoy hunting experiences at roughly 70-80% – sometimes even less – of the costs you’d find elsewhere. At the heart of it all, we're here to build connections and create lasting memories. We believe life should be filled with incredible stories, and we're excited to be part of yours. Capture unforgettable moments, take breathtaking photos, and cherish them for years to come. Join us at Triple Hollow, where memories are just waiting to be made. See you soon!

"What inspired me to share this haven with you? It's simple—Watching others make memories and experiencing the joy of hunting firsthand."

A View Of Our Preserve

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